Purism currently casts a spell on many interior fans. No wonder! A minimalist interior is one of the most exciting styles of all. And it is not only there that minimalism is more popular than ever.

Whether in the interior or in fashion – subtlety and elegant understatement are absolutely trendy. The awareness for minimalist design is growing more and more. But why is purist design so special? This is the question our living experts get to the bottom of. And not only that: With their first-class know-how, they will of course also give you one or two styling tips for your four walls.

It usually doesn’t take much to furnish your home in a minimalist way. On the contrary! Minimalism is not just a style of living, but an attitude to life.

Especially when our everyday life is often characterized by stress, we want to enter a home after work that is comfortable, modern and tidy. No things flying around that nobody needs anyway. Everything has its place. In order to furnish yourself puristically, you could of course ban everything from your four walls, but that would also mean losing the feel-good factor. The art of minimalism is therefore not to own very little, but to value exactly the right things. So that your living room or bedroom does not look too dreary or too empty, you should rely on a skilful interplay of clear lines, subtle colors and functional furnishings.

What does minimalist living mean?

Simple materials

If you want a minimalist setup, go for the less obvious one: quality and high-grade workmanship. Eccentric materials are undesirable here. By using special fabrics you can give structure and depth to a simple interior and at the same time create tension. The best way to do this is to combine luxurious materials such as silk, cotton, cashmere and linen.

Reduced design language

A classic design language is essential for purism. To live puristically always means a piece of timelessness in interior design. Trust in pieces of furniture that appear unagitated and thus accompany you for a long time. Timelessness does not mean predictability or even boredom, but that you value something (almost) imperishable. Here, consciously chosen timelessness and simplicity are in the foreground!

Restrained decoration elements

Decoration, yes. But please not too much! Less is clearly more here. The clou: A strict selection of special things is required for purism. Credo: Instead of decorating too much, rather use selected minimalist decoration and replace it more often.

Clean colors

Good news for all interior fans: the color palette of the purist style does not only consist of shades of gray, black and white. Those who like things colorful can also opt for a clear color for minimalist interior ideas and keep accessories in neutral tones. Since elegance and purism are related, an elegant color palette of subtle shades of gray, as well as caramel, beige and greige is available.

The effect of purist furnishings

The effect of a minimalist interior should not be underestimated. The purism captivates with a clear ambience, which is fine and subtle, reserved and discreet at the same time. Exactly the balance between elegant restraint and exciting accents is generated from the personal and the courage to be simple. You think “Too little?” Then it is exactly right.

Reduced to functionality: The purist kitchen

A minimalist kitchen convinces above all with its clear design and plenty of space for cooking and baking. Of course, a kitchen should always be functional and practical so that the most delicious dishes can be conjured up there. With a purist interior, which focuses on geometric shapes, modern materials and a reduced color spectrum, you breathe a new look into your kitchen. Focus on the essentials and reduce your kitchen to its unique functionality! Smooth, pattern-free surfaces paired with a no-frills design and hardly any decoration – create space in your purist kitchen.

Minimalist living room: reduced center

Futuristic furniture and a monochrome design make the living room the center of your home. For a light, airy look, there’s simply nothing like white walls and a color-coordinated interior. If that’s too cool for you, you can set atmospheric accents with stylish natural tones or a cool rosé. Colored highlights can spray elegant decorative cushions that upgrade the look of your beautiful living room. Right-angled contours as well as clear lines are also essential for minimalist furnishing in the living room. Ornaments and embellishments are not in demand here. Instead, fans of purism prefer shiny chrome and furniture that makes the room look more open.

Minimalist interior for your home

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